The Client:

Our esteemed client is an insurance wholesaler at the forefront of the industry. With their extensive range of insurance products, they cater to the diverse needs of transportation, contractors, small businesses, homeowners, and workers.

Scope of Work:

Reduce back-office workload to focus on core activities.

Process Obstructions:

The client faced a set of challenges that were impeding their customer service and operational efficiency. With a vast network of 3400 independent agents spanning across the region, the customer has developed proprietary processes and technology to streamline the rating and submission process. These innovations have successfully reduced turnaround times, enabling small to medium-sized agents to handle more business without the need for additional staffing.

However, despite these advancements, the customer is grappling with several obstacles, which are as follows:

  • Ever-increasing costs and financial stress on the insured impact customer service, requiring solutions that balance service quality and financial constraints.
  • The customer’s unique service model depends on a 24-hour turnaround time, making timely delivery essential for customer satisfaction.
  • Generate more business with lean staffing, requiring efficient productivity without significant workforce expansion.
  • Nature of the customer’s clientele leads to unpredictable spikes in workload and challenging task management during busy periods.
  • Growing backlog on various tasks adds to the operational strain.

Insurance Support World’s Solution:

Insurance Support World provided comprehensive back-office support services while the client focused on expanding their market. Initially, ISW handled basic agency back-office processes such as application entry, submissions, and uploading. Over a span of six months, the team progressively took on more complex tasks, with dedicated teams assigned to handle each line of business.

With our systematic approach, we designed a standard of procedure (SOP) for our team and the client to ensure transparency in workflow, which included:

  • A dedicated core team was formed to understand the customer’s requirements, systems, and processes.
  • The client dedicated an onsite transition manager for a seamless knowledge transfer to us, and a phased transition of tasks to our operation took place.
  • Procedures and manuals were created and standardized in collaboration with the customer.
  • Dedicated teams were established to provide round-the-clock support.
  • Online meetings facilitated training, updates, and task handovers between teams.


  • Sales Growth through Focused Management: The client achieved consistent month-on-month sales growth. This strategic direction and effective decision-making contributed to their success in expanding their customer base and increasing revenue.
  • Build Customer Loyalty with Excellent Customer Service: The client’s commitment to delivering excellent customer service resulted in a higher client satisfaction rate.

Impact Delivered

  • Ensured 99% Accuracy in Every Task
  • Reduced Turnaround Time to 20 Hours, Exceeding the 24-Hour Target
  • Achieved Over 60% Cost Savings
  • Cleared Backlogs in Just 30 Days
  • Scalable Operations for Seamless Growth: We established scalable, robust, and round-the-clock operations to meet the demands of the client’s growing business. Their infrastructure and processes were designed to handle the increased workload, adapt to changing market conditions, and ensure uninterrupted service delivery to clients at any time.
  • Enhanced Efficiency with Dedicated Resources: The allocation of dedicated resources played a crucial role in strengthening overall system efficiency. These dedicated resources could focus on their assigned roles and responsibilities, leading to improved productivity and output.

19 Jun, 2023Guide to InsurTech Transition for Wholesalers & MGAs

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