Policy Management Services

Policy Management Services

Insurance Support World's efficient Insurance Policy Management and Administration Services cut down average handling time, costs incurred in training and chances of error at the time of upgrading service quality and revenues. If you outsource your Policy Administration tasks to ISW, we can help you in offering your customers a better experience.

We do business with small and medium sized Insurance Companies worldwide offering them customized back-office support functions. Our team specially competes in the insurance policy and policy management applications.

Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Policy Management Services to Insurance Support World:

  • Heighten your productiveness and trim down costs
  • Ameliorate management of systems and procedures
  • Offer top-notch customer support services
  • Scale down average handling time
  • Trim back training costs
  • Run on flexible functions to correspond to the objectives
  • Yield higher revenue

Following are the Insurance Policy Management Services Provided By ISW to its Clients:

Our team consists of highly trained and expert people who take care of all the tasks related to policy management, letting you focus on your core business functions. People in our team are all graduates and MBAs who have gone through serious and high-class training in customer-specific domains.

We handle the following Insurance Policy Administration tasks with utmost Brilliance:

  • Management of Resources, Licensing
  • Creation of Quotes
  • Exchange of data
  • Generating proposals
  • Verifying the insurance policies
  • Verifying the details mentioned on the quote, proposal and insurance plans
  • Seeking Loss Runs
  • Endorsing, Renewing, Cancelling, Reinstating and Rewriting an insurance policy
  • Considering policies that are to be cancelled
  • Viewing each and every operation performed on the insurance policy, also known as Policy Accounting History

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