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Economic downturns, changes in interest rates, inflation, and investment market volatility are the realities of today for insurers. Add to these the complexities brought about by geo-political changes, newer regulations, emerging technologies, increased cyber and climate change-related risks, and insurers have to do a tightrope walk to build leaner, more efficient and cost-effective operating models, maintain profitability and competitive edge. In this scenario, it is becoming increasingly prudent to outsource commission management processes.

Insurance Support World’s commission management services bring positive business outcomes to insurers by offering them efficiency and accuracy through our deep domain expertise and access to advanced technology. We offer commission accounting, commission payable calculations, and application maintenance and enhancements to commission systems. Outsource commission management services to Insurance Support World and tap into our vast resources to build seamless commission payout models for your agents, thereby building stronger relationships that have the potential to augment business growth and market share.
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Payable Commission for Producers
Commission Systems Enhancement and Maintenance of Applications
Commissions Accounting

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commission management services

Why Outsource Commission Management Services to ISW?

Insurers have benefitted tremendously with their commission management outsourcing decision to ISW. Owing to our vast industry experience, we have been helping insurers redefine their operating models, position themselves favorably against competition, and drive growth.

ISW achieves these by its commitment to delivery excellence for its commission management outsourcing solutions. We:

Accurately calculate commission pay-out and manage its accounting
Ensure timely, responsive, and secured processes
Comply with region-specific, country-specific regulations
Ensure process health and adaptability to future needs

Our Value Proposition

Outsourcing Experts

ISW’s commission management outsourcing servicing professionals bring industry-specific domain knowledge and deep understanding of the regulatory landscape

commission plans

We help insurers enhance value to agents and brokers with trend analysis to improve policy structuring and commission plans

software tools

Our offerings include access to software tools and platforms for the automation of commission calculations, performance tracking, and regular reporting

task management

ISW takes special care in transitioning work from the parent organization helping the client with seamless transfer and change management

outsource commission management

Your decision to outsource commission management will bring your organization the benefits of leaner and more responsive processes, with optimized turn-around timelines

outsource commission management

We offer the most competitive rates for our commission management outsourcing solutions, which establish a collaborative partnership

Outsource commission management for productive agent relationships, higher sales, and improved profitability

Our service delivery commitments take into consideration your commission structures, market share and market penetration. We help clients with:

Transitioning from legacy systems to newer platforms
Best-in-class industry practices
A perspective of changes in the global arena
Improve data and security systems

In addition, we can help you design result-oriented commission structures that have the potential to increase sales and bring in higher revenues.

Outsource commission management


Outsourcing our commission management to ISW has been a very prudent business decision on our part. With the help of a dedicated team, they transformed our operations. Displaying exceptional professionalism, expertise, and a deep understanding of our requirements, the team seamlessly integrated our operations, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption. Their project management team also handled our change management intricacies
Insurance Company Carol Stream, IL
ISW has been our commission management outsourcing partner for more than five years now. They have been instrumental in redefining our commission management operations. Eliminating non-value added activities, and automating regular calculations, the team has brought in significant efficiencies. Within no time, these reduced our operational costs. They truly helped us identify and eliminate wastage monetarily and resource-wise. They remain our trusted partner
P&C Insurance AgencyBoston, MA
We are delighted with ISW’s commission management outsourcing services. The value they have brought to our business is truly remarkable. Not only have they been consistently delivering on time and as per the agreed quality SLAs, but they also provide support for seasonal volume fluctuations. The ISW team are committed to service delivery. We have greatly benefitted from their domain knowledge and broader perspective
Insurance Broker Rolling Meadows, IL
We were looking for a good partner who would thoroughly understand our unique commission structures, policies, and requirements, and deliver us the services at the highest levels of agreed SLAs. ISW has turned to be that perfect partner for us.
Insurance Carrier New York, United States
The decision to outsource commission management to ISW has paid off in multiple ways – the team has brought in significant improvements in our commission management processes, reduced redundancies, and have helped rationalize costs and resource usage. We have also benefitted from their vast technological base be it with platforms, or tools or applications. They have automated the basic tasks at no extra costs, and also provide valuable insights that aid in strategic decision making
Insurance Wholesaler Tampa, FL

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At Insurance Support World (ISW), our goal is to become the partner-of-choice for insurance companies worldwide.

Since our establishment in 2008, our team of skilled insurance specialists has been dedicated to serving clients in over five countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. This extensive experience has provided us with deep domain expertise and a broad global perspective.

By outsourcing your commission management services to ISW, you can:

Streamline your processes and reduce costs through operational efficiencies
Focus on core activities and strategic initiatives owing to enhanced productivity
Strengthen your agent relations on the back of exceptional service and support
Adapt to changing market conditions through improved agility and flexibility
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