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Insurance agents these days face a lot of multi-pronged issues such as decreasing profits, escalating customer expectations, consequences of constantly changing regulations and short product lifecycles. All these issues impose a negative effect on one’s business. As a result, success invariably depends on faster business processing, development of products, in combination with effectual methods of dealing with customers when it comes to claims handling and settlement. The best possible way to overcome these issues is by freeing the insurance brokerages from mundane and non-core business functions in order to focus more on tactical and marketing functions without bargaining quality.

Insurance Support World provides process-driven solutions to the insurance industry globally. We can help you transform your business operations by building a customized business model that would augment process efficiency and incessantly deliver quality. Insurance Support World has a lot of experience in handling customer-centric procedures of major global Insurance companies, and aims to offer well-analyzed BPO solutions intended to heighten customer experience.

Insurance Support World is specifically capable to render exceptional value and innovation with the industry's extensive service offerings, domain depth and advanced engagement models.

Insurance Support World strives to offer thorough end to end organizational services and customer support services to insurance companies and brokerages. Our Insurance practice is fortified with a core capacity to carry off complex transactions employing competencies in case assessment and actuarial computations.

Insurance Support World Practice Highlights:

  • Providing insurance BPO solutions to over 100 global customers
  • Exclusive Insurance Competency Center lead by industry experts
  • LOMA certified
  • A success rate of 99% when it comes to handling projects

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