Outsource Insurance Claims Management Services

While on one hand rapid advancements in technology are forcing insurance organizations to adapt to new digital platforms, channels, and data analytics tools, geo-political shifts are pushing them to diversify their offerings in order to stay relevant and profitable in the markets. In this dynamic scenario, with customer retention assuming critical significance, the outsourcing of claims management services has gathered momentum in most insurance organizations. Insurance organizations are going all out to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Insurance Support World’s claims management services offer insurance organizations the ease and expertise to manage their claims processes. We offer a wide range of services, spanning from claims investigation to determination of the extent of coverage, audit and their final disbursement. Choose us should you decide to outsource claims management services since we help build an operating model that is seamless, and fast ensuring customers a smooth and stress-free claims procedure.

ISW Data
Legacy application modernization
Setup of insurance claims
Settlement of accounts
Estimation of and eligibility for insurance claims
Auditing and support of claims
Imaging of claim documents
Adjudication on a fast track
Adjudication of full claims

Optimize Your Business Growth by Hiring a Team of Experienced Professionals

Claims Management Processes

Why Outsource Insurance Claims Process to Us?

Insurers who outsource claims management services to ISW have benefitted from our specialized knowledge and expertise in handling insurance claims.

With an industry experience spanning fifteen years, ISW has been delivering claims management solutions that build process efficiencies, mitigate risks, save time, rationalize costs and offer world-class customer experiences. At ISW, we are committed to:

Delivering excellence through reliable and consistent solutions
Transparency and accountability throughout the engagement
Continuous tech-upgrades to meet market demands
Building scalability and future-readiness

Our Value Proposition

Outsourcing Experts

Our claims management teams possess specialized knowledge, experience, and skills that drive positive business outcomes for our insurance clients

claims processing solutions

We tailor-make the claims processing solutions and provide personalized support to ensure the consistent success of client functions


We draw on our deep experience to swiftly transition our client’s claims management services and ensure business-as-usual within pre-defined timeline


Our competitive rate cards include special discounts, and other cost-saving measures making our claims management services more accessible to a wide range of insurance customer

customer satisfaction

At ISW, we prioritize customer service and support, and work hard to build trust and loyalty with our clients

Do you Need Help with Your Claims Management Processes?

Outsource your claims management function to Insurance Support World. Our team of 500+ insurance experts will remodel your processes, eliminate non-value added steps, and make the processes lean and responsive to changing market and regulatory requirements.

Through the last 15 years, Insurance Support World has worked with many global clients, and have built for them strong and efficient claims management processes.

We promise quality, consistency, and excellence at every stage of our engagement.

Claims Management Processes


Overwhelmed by the sheer size of the manual work, we began outsourcing our claims administrative services to Insurance Support World in late 2021. ISW has drastically scaled up efficiency levels, producing high-quality error-free claims with a much faster output level. Their proficiency has allowed us to expand our business, making the decision to outsource an extremely profitable one.
Insurance Company Carol Stream, IL
Outsourcing our claims administrative services to Insurance Support World has helped us digitalize most of our manual, time-consuming processes. From spearheading specific customer requests, to streamlining verification processes, to taking the workload off our employees, ISW has stabilized and boosted growth, helping us with faster turnaround times and business expansion, while adapting to real-time changes in market requirements with smarter strategies
P&C Insurance AgencyBoston, MA
During the Covid-19 pandemic, our team was bogged down with time-consuming process activities. Outsourcing our claims administrative services to Insurance Support World in 2020 helped us automate all manual tasks, amp up customer services, and focus on human resource development across our company, all while receiving high-end error-free work with faster turnaround. The ISW team are now our partner of choice.
Insurance Broker Rolling Meadows, IL
Insurance Support World, since our partnership in 2022, has used cutting-edge technology and highly-trained professionals, improving accuracy, reducing processing times, and streamlining workflows. We have been able to efficiently scale our claims administration resources based on demand, helping us avoid overstaffing or understaffing and investing time to ensure we provide high-quality client services.
Insurance Carrier New York, United States
Outsourcing our claims administration has helped us focus on core business activities, rather than spending time and resources on administrative tasks. ISW has eliminated the risk of errors and delays in our claims processing, leading to increased profit, stronger ties with all our clients, and a complete reduction of the risks and costs associated when we were managing our claims in-house.
Insurance Wholesaler Tampa, FL

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Insurance Support World aims to be the partner-of-choice for insurance companies across the globe.

Since 2008, our team of qualified insurance specialists have been serving insurance clients of more than five countries around the globe including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand. This has given us deep domain expertise on one hand, and wide global exposure on the other. Together with our delivery excellence commitment, this enables our team to offer bespoke claims administration solutions that have helped our insurance clients build both customer and business value.

Outsource your claims management services to ISW for:

Operational efficiencies
Productivity enhancement
Augmented customer relations
Built-in agility and flexibility
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