The Client:

Our client is an MGA and surplus lines broker in the USA. They provide retail agents various commercial property and casualty coverages through in-house and brokerage markets.

Scope of Work:

Policy, checking, issuance and renewal processing

Process Obstructions:

The client's validation of policy contents did not align with bound quotes and related terms and conditions, which affected the probability of insured claims. This necessitated a dedicated policy-checking team with underwriting support to review the policy thoroughly.

However, a limited team of underwriters at the client's end sought a scalable operational model for client servicing to handle policy checking and issuance for both new and renewal clients. Furthermore, they aimed to determine the factors influencing customer retention.

Insurance Support World’s Solution:

The client had a decentralized system of policy coverage lines in place. ISW proposed consolidating and centralizing this system to improve efficiency. To enhance the process, we developed a standardized checklist encompassing all relevant coverage areas.

We aimed to empower each agent to swiftly and comprehensively address issues by utilizing a unique customer ID that allowed verification of policy contents against available backups.

ISW’s dedicated team dig deeper to gain valuable insights for distinguishing critical and non-critical areas within policies. This enabled us to create a rule book based on different coverage types' specific terms and conditions.


  • A standardized checklist was developed to encompass all relevant coverage areas.
  • A rule book was created based on specific terms and conditions for different coverage types.
  • The revised operating model with the exhaustive checklist brought about parity in reporting standards for policy accuracy and required backups.

Impact Delivered

  • ~98% customer satisfaction score (CSAT)
  • Policies processed per shift increased from 12-15 to 20-24.
  • A significant productivity increase of 56%.
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