The Client:

Our client is one of the largest and fastest-growing commercial insurance agencies in the USA.

Scope of Work:

Policy change requests

Process Obstructions:

Inefficiencies were plaguing the change request process, with each request taking an average of 10-12 minutes to handle. However, these delays were primarily caused by manual interventions at the process level. The consequences were dire: skyrocketing error rates and increasingly dissatisfied customers.

Recognizing the urgent need for a streamlined and error-free solution, our client embarked on a quest to transform their change request management process.

Insurance Support World’s Solution:

Drawing upon our extensive experience with diverse change requests across multiple product lines, our accomplished team swiftly assessed the operations thoroughly. Our recommendation? We added a dedicated customer care team to handle change requests in real-time, backed by the expertise of ISW's virtual agents working in tandem with the client's onshore Account Managers (AMs).

During the testing phase, this innovative operating model proved its worth, generating a remarkable 20% increase in new business. Now, in the business-as-usual (BAU) stage, we have seamlessly integrated one ISW team member offshore to support four AMs, delivering unparalleled efficiency and performance.


  • Revolutionized the email dispatch process with established templates, saving you valuable time and effort
  • No more repetitive drafting and effortlessly sending out emails in a fraction of the time
  • Streamlined proof generation with our institutionalized PDF templates

Impact Delivered

  • Achieve over 99.95% accuracy, up from 87%
  • Save 4 hours per day per Account Manager
  • Drive a 17% increase in sales
  • Generated new proofs seamlessly from the system, eliminating manual formatting and boosting productivity
  • Handled real-time change acknowledgments that impressed clients’ customers
  • Offered a 12-hour shift window, covering coast-to-coast locations in the USA, ensuring swift responses and heightened customer satisfaction
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