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Insurance Support World renders Insurance Services at extremely competitive rates. We extend the following pricing alternatives for Insurance Services :

Full-time Employees: A dedicated staff member shall be delegated to your project on a full time basis (160 hours every month) and you will be charged on a monthly basis. ISW likewise provides the flexibility of employing a part-time resource (80 hours each month) in case the volume of the work is low.

Hourly Pricing: This plan works when there is a lesser amount of work to be done.

Task Pricing: ISW can give you an estimate of total cost of the project right after evaluating your requirements.

Our hourly rates vary between $10 to $20 by the hour with regards to the kind of job, its complexity and the resources necessitated.

We have already satisfied more than 100 customers by providing them top-notch Insurance BPO solutions. Now it's your turn!

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Pricing Disclaimer-

Kindly see that all prices on the website are entirely suggestive. The exact rates will vary according to the kind of the undertaking, complexity of work, skills and resources required, terms of contract and many other considerations.

We try our level best to keep all information on the website correct and up to date and maintain the pricing as constant, howsoever occasionally we might have to increase or lessen the pricing of our services. Final pricing for an undertaking may vary from the estimated price on the website.

India – Your Best Option for Outsourcing

Undoubtedly, cost is the most significant factor for companies that prefer to outsource their insurance support services. By offshoring to India, the companies can save as much as 50% to 65% of the cost as opposed to the US.

Call Center Cost Saving Potential

Minimal Labor Costs in India

Labor costs constitute a major part of the overall operating expense in outsourcing economics. Minimal labor costs in India (nearly 13% -15% of US levels) make it a lucrative outsourcing destination. In countries like Mexico and Canada, labor costs are practically high in comparison to the costs in India. Singapore is positioned way below India when it comes to labor cost attractiveness. From the perspective of labor cost, India obtains 4.6 points on a scale of 5, and this is what makes it a worthy location for insurance outsourcing.

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