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Amidst sweeping geo-political changes and deepening economic pressures across markets, insurance organizations are having to brace change and evolve at a speed faster than ever before. Never before has the need to adapt to complexities been stronger than now. Add to it the recent tech innovations and breakthroughs, and carriers have no choice but to outsource their policy management services for reimagined operating models that will build value and customer responsiveness.

We, at Insurance Support World (ISW), are helping insurance carriers meet these ‘new world’ market requirements, transition to leaner operations and heighten their customer UX. With domain experience of close to fifteen years, our policy management services are helping insurance organizations embed new technologies into their operating models, enhancing their productivity, optimizing resources and increasing return on investment, which then are helping them build better product and offerings strategies.

Policy Issuance
Policy Changes
Policy Checking
Certificate Issuance and Re-issue
Adjustments / Endorsements / Rider & Coverage Changes
Renewals and Quotes, Reinstatements
Requests for Loss Runs
Certificate of Insurance (COI)
Preparation of Quotes
Generation of Proposals
Premium Mode Change
Bank Changes
Premium Audits

Optimize Your Business Growth by Hiring a Team of Experienced Professionals

Insurance Policy Management Services

Insurance Policy Management Services Provided By ISW

A decision to outsource insurance policy management services to ISW can help you with the end-to-end management of your customers’ life cycle policies. At ISW, we understand that:

One solution does not apply to all
Processes should be both resilient and flexible
Businesses need to be geared for tomorrow
Ownership of service delivery is paramaount

Our insurance policy management solutions are, therefore, bespoke, and underpinned by efficiencies and positive business outcomes.

Our Value Proposition

insurance policy management experts

Highly skilled and qualified professionals form part of client teams to drive optimized processes, and drive efficiency and agility.

policy automation tools

Integration of latest automation tools and software to eliminate manual and non-value-add activities, and ensure heightened process efficiency.

insurance policy process

Swift transition of processes with pre-defined activities and milestones in order to ensure process continuity and process health.

insurance policy outsource plans

Flexible pricing plans to cater to client requirements and enable them to outsource insurance policy management services at their desired pace.

client success

Accountable and committed delivery teams that are oriented towards client success, and ensure 100% quality and on-time service delivery.

Are the policy management processes taking up all your time?

Entrust them with Insurance Support World for hassle-free management and delivery. Our insurance back-office support team ensure seamless and efficient delivery of end-to-end policy management processes.

With more than 500+ insurance experts, Insurance Support World has been bringing business value to clients spread across 25 countries around the globe. You can depend on us for quality of services, and speed and timeliness of delivery!

policy management processes


We began outsourcing our insurance policy management services after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic owing to increased workload on our employees. ISW has been a wonderful partner through the pandemic and after, instantly assuring quality work that has only grown in value since our partnership began. The ISW team integrated into our policy management process seamlessly, upholding our values as an organisation while meeting all deadlines with high-value deliverables
Insurance AgencyHouston, Taxes
Our partnership with ISW has greatly increased the efficiency of our insurance policy management processes. What was once an arduous task have since been streamlined with increased emphasis on timelines and quality. Thanks to ISW, our team has had the necessary exposure to work as a cohesive unit in a lean system, that has enhanced productivity while cutting costs and time requirements
P & C Insurance AgencyMiami, FL
We handed ISW our insurance accounting processes in 2018, and have been extremely grateful and satisfied for the level of work produced. There has been consistent punctual delivery with high-quality output and technical add-ons. Through the high-pressure pandemic periods, ISW handled our processes with remarkable sense of responsibility and ownership, ensuring business continuity at all times. Their support through these years have strengthened our relationship
An Insurance BrokerSan Jose, California
ISW had been managing a number of our insurance back-office processes. Owing to their superb service delivery and technical skills, we entrusted them with our data analytics process about a year ago. The team’s data exploration has helped us sharpen our risk evaluation process, and has enhanced our overall decision making. Thanks to them, there has been an increase in profitability.
An Insurance WholesalerPhoenix, Arizona
Outsourcing insurance policy management to ISW has resulted in process efficiency and has increased our organization’s capacity to service our clients. On one hand we have been able to increase our policy handle time and customer experience, while on the other hand, our internal teams have been able to utilize the time saved to make better customer outreaches through targeted marketing campaigns
An Insurance CarrierNorfolk, Virginia

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At ISW, client success is primary!

On the back of domain and industry experience of more than 15 years, our team of 500+ insurance professionals have designed and polished our policy management offerings to address not only current market requirements but also stay future ready.

Serving a wide range of global clients, the team is proud to offer niche capabilities across insurance policy management that can set your organization on a growth path.

Proven experience of handle time reduction
Experience of servicing insurance clients across all major geographies
Continuous domain upskilling and technology upgrades
Real-time support with stringent quality commitments
Processes fortified with strong contingency and continuity plans
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