6 Tips for Successful Insurance Process Outsourcing

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insurance business process outsourcing

Outsourcing is often conceived negatively by the insurance organizations, who link it with downsizing. But for small scale or medium sized insurance enterprises, it offers cost-effective growth options. Insurance business process outsourcing helps in giving priority to the more important tasks of the insurance organization. It also helps in saving the costs incurred on infrastructure and manpower. It offers unique advantages like quick turnaround time but ensuring success in the insurance business is not a simple mission to accomplish.

Tips to Find a Reliable Insurance Process Outsourcing Partner

Get rid of Downsizing

Outsourcing is about winning, it should not be perceived in a negative manner. The idea is to optimize revenues and reduce costs. So, first of all, the thinking regarding the outsourcing process must be positive.

Ensure data security

For an insurance organization, the security of its data is of great importance. So while hiring the services of an outsourcing firm, this point should be kept in mind. The insurance firm must carefully check with the insurance business process outsourcing services provider whether the right security measures are in place or not.

Ensure the right communication modes

Communication plays a key role in ensuring that the outsourcing tasks are performed in a proper manner. Regular communications between the employees and the outsourcing firm are essential for avoiding misunderstandings related to work. It must be discussed how much time the outsourcing firm is going to allocate to the insurance company.

Check quality of services

You must look at the previous portfolios of the outsourcing firm to judge their capability regarding the services offered. You must inquire regarding the work experience and the education level of the employees.

Quick turnaround time

If an insurance firm is based in a country like USA or Canada, then hiring the services of an outsourcing firm based in India or China would be a favorable option due to the difference in time zones. You will be able to enjoy the benefit of quick turnaround time for commission management.


Outsourcing doesn’t serve any purpose if the costs are higher than the expenditure involved in hiring an in-house staff. So, the economics of the insurance process outsourcing deal must be carefully assessed.

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