Insurance Claim: Stop Turning Delays into Denials

The insurance sector is filled with cases where people show gratitude towards companies who’ve gone an extra mile to save the day and those who did everything possible to delay the insurance claim. You cannot take someone else’s example and start feeling good or bad about it. As a customer, you need to have complete knowledge of the process otherwise you would not be able to identify if the company is delaying it on purpose or not. The idea is to delay the process as much as they can and make customers grow frustrated so that they would either give up or lose hope of getting anything.

Those who’ve filed for an insurance claim should know what they’re up against. They need to remain strong and focused without giving in to the tactics of insurance companies. The time would come when patience level is going to get tested. You should never hesitate from asking questions and keep the adjuster busy all the time. You should not give them an opportunity to put the blame on you for the delay.

How to Identify Illegitimate Claim Delays from Investigation?

As a consumer, you need to cooperate with the insurer. The carrier would have every single reason to take time for investigation purposes as long as they’re not doing to delay or deny the insurance claim by playing on your patience. You should know that they can ask for certain documents and it is a part of the process. It must be mentioned upfront that you should not complicate things by rejecting to provide information or documents they’re looking for.

There are certain tricks which insurance carriers often play and you should know them.

– An adjuster has the right to take time for investigation. They cannot keep hiding behind the cover of ‘ongoing investigation’ all the time. It is a strong sign and you should inquire about the proceedings as it is your right and their duty to inform you.

– A process like EUO (Examination under Oath) can either prove to be an advantage or disadvantage. The insurance company can take it to delay the investigation process.

Key points to follow:

– You should show full cooperation and continue to provide assistance even when you know that they’re trying to stretch things a little bit. It would work in your favor in the end.

– The key is to ask questions. You should call the adjuster often to check the status of insurance claims and ask what is causing the delay. It would help you to put extra pressure on them.

– You need to document everything. It would prove to be quite helpful to present and defend the case.

Insurance carriers know how damaging it is to take extra time for investigation as it puts them at the risk of losing trust and eventually business. They would try everything possible to avoid such a situation and you should keep on doing your work properly to remind them of theirs.

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