Customer: US based Insurance Wholesaler

Outsource function: Insurance Agency back office services

Customer is one of the leading Insurance wholesalers and manage general agents in California, US. Customer offers insurance products for Transportation, Contractors, Small Business, Homeowners and Workers Compensation. Customer has a network of 3400 independent agents across region. Customer has created proprietary processes and technology to facilitate the rating and submission process that offers to reduce turnaround times, allowing small to medium size agents the ability to produce more business with no additional staffing requirements.

  • Customer service getting hampered due to ever increasing costs and financial stress on insured.
  • The 24 hours turnaround time was critical to the unique service model of the Customer
  • A business objective to produce more business with lean staffing requirements.
  • Unscheduled spikes in the volume of work from the nature of clientele
  • The growing backlog on the various tasks.
  • Insurance Support World was shortlisted as a preferred partner to support their requirements. We devised solutions where customer focuses on the expanding the market and Insurance Support World provides all the back office support.
  • A core team was setup to understanding the customer requirements, systems and processes. An onsite transition manager assisted in the knowledge transfer and seamless transition of tasks to Indian operation in a phased manner.
  • Worked with the Customer in creating procedures/manuals and standardize them.
  • We started with the basic agency back office processes such as application entry, submissions, uploading etc. and eventually over a six month’s time, Insurance Support World team is supporting more complicated tasks and have dedicated teams to handle each line of business.
  • We focused on completion of the backlog tasks and had extra people deployed to bring the work back to current within 30 days time.
  • Dedicated teams that provide round the clock support.
  • All new trainings, updates, meetings and new tasks hand-over happened using WebEx meetings and online videos.
  • Direct channels of communication between the US and Indian team.
Benefits of this outsourcing relationship:
  • A focused management was able to boost their sales month on month.
  • Excellent customer service reaps more satisfied clients.
  • Scalable, robust and round the clock operations.
  • Dedicated resources which ensure more efficiency in the whole system.
  • Negligible errors.
  • Turnaround time reduced to 20 hours against a target for 24 hours.
  • Cost savings in excess of 60%.
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